No. 0253 Gorgeous Ivory Background Floral Design Persian Mahal

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Size: 10' x 12'9

Age: from 1930's

Origin: Mahal, situated in the West-Central part of Persia and is known for its history of weaving quality rugs for generations

Note: Mahal rugs are highly sought after by collectors and designers due to their beautiful design and high weaving quality. Ivory background is even more rare and often fetches high price in the international market. This one is in great condition with thick pile. The amazing thing is that I also somehow found another one with exact same design in navy (check out No. 0254), which is so rare and hard to come by! They are probably from the same village or even same weavers! I would love for them to stay together considering how difficult for them to find each other, so if you purchase both I will offer a great discount!