About us

What We Believe at Saffron Bloom

A great antique rug pulls everything together and defines a space. It’s no secret that many of the best designers start their design process with the rug. All handmade using natural dyes, the highly curated antique/vintage rug collection at Saffron Bloom will bring a piece of wonder and extraordinary craftsmanship to your home; they are history, culture, art, tradition, hope, love and family all woven together. We search for them all over the world, then professionally clean and restore them back to glory. Find the one of a kind piece that truly speaks to you and shows your exquisite taste.

At Saffron Bloom we celebrate the lived in rather than decorated style, one that combines the new and the old, the familiar and the exotic, the luxurious and the simple, without being constrained by a certain named style or color theme. The results over and over again reveal that how all the things we love can coexist harmoniously and exude charm that’s uniquely you. Find the antique rug that’s unmistakably you at Saffron Bloom. 

Antiques Right for Modern Space

When you think about antique rugs, the first thing comes to your mind might be the big, red, old-fashioned, expensive Persian rug at your grandparents' dining room. That is certainly a part of the audience of antique rugs; however, there are so many styles and origins to antique or oriental rugs, many of the designs are incredibly interesting and stunning, and they go so well with modern furniture and spaces. They are truly timeless.

I have been and continue to be fascinated by all the motifs, colors, meanings, stories, origins behind every piece, and hungry to learn more about it everyday. It is such a precious art form that has been around for thousands of years, and I sincerely hope that it will continue to be treasured and valued by generations to come, which can only be the case if the younger generations can also see the beauty and value in this amazing craftsmanship.

Additionally, it is my hope that this beautiful art form can motivate us to become more connected to other parts of the world, parts that we may not understand well and have misconceptions about. It can trigger our curiosity about their history, cultures, and beliefs. We become more understanding, open minded and willing to appreciate the different and the exotic as a result.   

Why Buy Antique Rugs

Once you open your eyes, you will soon see that it is truly a fascinating world. A unique and beautiful piece can instantly transform a space, bringing life and depth to it and making it so much more interesting.

At Saffron Bloom, we only carry hand made pieces using best quality pure wool or cotton, and always, always all natural dyes. It is the same natural materials and process that the incredibly talented dyers and weavers have been using for centuries! Why would you want a machine made, mass produced rug that has no story behind it, can be found at thousands of other homes, and has to be replaced every few years, while you can get a truly unique antique or vintage piece, with people's hearts and souls poured into making it come alive, which by the way also lasts for many years if you take the effort to look after them properly. It sounds like a no brainer to me. Although it is more expensive, it is an investment that lasts long and gives you so much enjoyment other than its floor covering utility. It is an art piece.