We Love Antique Rugs

It is our obsession to source and bring to you the world's best antique rugs. A great rug pulls everything together and defines a space. Many of the best designers start their design process with the right rug. All handmade using natural dyes, our highly curated antique/vintage rug collection will bring a piece of art and history, and extraordinary craftsmanship to your home. They are history, culture, art, tradition, hope, love and family all woven together. We search for the best ones all over the world, then professionally clean and restore them so they can be seen and loved again.

Our Style

We celebrate the lived-in rather than decorated style, one that combines the new and the old, the familiar and the exotic, the luxurious and the simple, without being constrained by a certain defined style or rules. The results over and over again reveal how all the things we love come together harmoniously and exude charm. Our goal is to find the antique rug that is right for you.

What Matters To Us

At Saffron Bloom, we only select hand made pieces using best quality pure wool/cotton, and all natural dyes. It is the same natural materials and process that the incredibly talented dyers and weavers have been using for centuries. We celebrate and admire the cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship embodied in our rugs. It is not only the aesthetic value that we are searching for, but also the provenance and authenticity. It is also a sustainable way to shop and live, which is an important part of what Saffron Bloom is about.

Elaine Yu, founder of Saffron Bloom, is undeniably a rug addict. Stumbling into the world of antique textile by chance while remodeling her new home in San Francisco, she quickly became fascinated and obsessed, starting to collect which lead her to start Saffron Bloom.

After working as an investment banker, investor and developer in infrastructure & power sector, then food tech for over a decade, Elaine decided to switch career after years of soul searching, inspired by Joseph Campbell's famous phrase "follow your bliss". In addition to running Saffron Bloom, she is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.